Friday, June 24, 2022

 Good Morning 

It’s a beautiful sunny day today and I am taking advantage of it by sitting on my deck and writing my next book. The Cottage by the Sea a beautiful story of adventure, romance and much more. I am also getting plenty if ideas for my 3rd book 


In this book Iwill teach you how to make your life work wonders for you!!!

I am so excited to be writing again. 

I will be doing book signings and have a sing up sheet for my Vision Board Classe and my One  on One Vision Board Coaching at the Sturbridge herb festival!

Love to all

M Lucia

Thursday, January 20, 2022

 Good morning!

I hope everyone is staying healthy, we are now in the third  quarter of the month of January. How exciting we now have 31 more minutes of daylight today. I start to count the minutes from the Winter Solstice and love seeing it get lighter everyday. 

As I sit here in my home office/library, I am taking a break from writing my new book for a couple of hours. 

I am feeling so Grateful for everything I have in my life. I have a little statue of Buddha sitting on my desk  with two Crystal Journey candles burning near him. Every time I look at the statue I smile because it appears  like he is looking at me and smiling . No matter which way I turn his eyes follow me!

I bought myself a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp last week I read so many things about them and so far I  believe some of it’s true! I believe it can balance the electromagnetic radiation from smartphones, computer’s computers etc. that are constantly releasing positive ions in the air.

Another reason I bought it is that it gives off negative ions that help boost energy levels, and increase serotonin in the brain two factors that can improve a persons mood.

I don’t like when it gets dark at 4:30 in the afternoon, by 6:30 pm I’m ready for bed! Well this little lamp has kept me up way into the night and I love it!

Have you ever gone to the beach and just sat on a blanket on the sand? Then a half hour later you feel so relaxed ? That is what negative ions do they relax you . I can feel the difference in my home office and have more energy to write.

More to come

Love and Light

M Lucia

Sunday, January 16, 2022

 Hello everyone!

Wishing all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year..

I have cancelled all my Book talks and signings for January and February due to this COVID virus. I will be resuming in March with the first Vision Board Class on March 5th at Alternatives for Health 426 Main Street Sturbridge, MA 01566..

This will be a great way for you bring to fruition to whatever you want in your life to happen.

More to come

Light and Love

M Lucia

Sunday, May 16, 2021

 Happy Sunday to everyone!

I had a very busy week last week. It started off with a meeting with my editor/coach. We discussed many  things about my upcoming book. A Cottage by the Sea. I may be changing the name of it however, not sure yet.

It’s a romantic comedy, I’m sure everyone will love it!

I also scrubbed my entire deck let it dry a couple of days and then painted it with a waterproof stain!

Job well done! My entire deck is screened in so I can sit out there when it’s sunny or raining. The roof is made of tarp and is removed every year and is stored in my storage shed which is off to the side in my back yard. I have white wicker furniture stored in there also. 

So now that the deck is ready for the summer my Daughter’s and son in Law’s will help me bring the furniture up and I will wash it all and the start setting up my beautiful deck! 

I have a Nantucket theme for it with a grey/blue indoor outdoor carpet that covers the entire deck. The white furniture pops against it. 

I have a cute little boat ( of course blue and white) in a corner of the deck. Vases of Hydrangeas, lanterns, pictures of ocean scenes, glass top coffee table, three chairs with cushy cushions a wicker settee , another round glass topped table with wicker bottom for lunches. Everything is coordinated in blue and white.

I love sitting out on my deck from Spring till it gets to cold in the late Fall. 

I really get inspired to write when I’m sitting out there. I live on a pretty tree lined street in a quiet neighborhood, so at night all I hear are the tree frogs and crickets. Oh and I see fireflies also at night!

I can write from my heart when I’m out there. I feel so fortunate to have this deck!

I signed more books ( The Queen of Heart’s ) this week for people. These were private signings as I won’t be doing public ones till July. 

I’m just so excited about my upcoming book signings! I will let you know where and when soon.

Have a Great Day!

Hugs to all.

M Lucia

Saturday, May 8, 2021

 Hello to everyone!

This is Mother’s Day Weekend and I am celebrating it with my two Daughter’s!

They are the lights of my Life. I could not have asked for anything better.

I raised them both alone and am so proud of them today. They have the kindest Hearts and would do anything for me or anyone or any animal 🦓.

So my blog today will be short because I am Celebrating all weekend with my girls!

❤️ to all and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

M Lucia.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

 Good afternoon everyone, 

It’s been a few days since I have written in my Blog.

I’ve had a real busy week with meetings and appointments. I will be having some book signings and Started setting them up for July. I will keep you updated as to where and when,

My Great Friend, Mentor and Editor  Rita Schiano will be having book signings also. 

Our books The Queen of Hearts by M Lucia Frangiosa and Painting the Invisible Man by Rita M Schiano will  be on the shelves of the White Light Book Store ,1464 Park Avenue  Cranston,R I. By the middle of May. Great opportunity for summer reading. I must mention Rita’s book takes place in Rhode Island.

Rita is the CEO and founder of Live a Flourishing Life, Best Selling Author, Resilience Stratagist, Coach and public speaker . She has online classes to show you how you can change your life long habits that are stopping you from achieving all you want in life along with her mind mapping segment for your new life.

Rita can be reached at

I am putting a great Vision Board class together for your new life! Vision Boards are one of the most powerful tools in the Law of Attraction and Creative Visualization process Everyday we have the opportunity for new and wonderful things to come to us. I have had great success with my Vision Boards and so haven’t the students in my classes.that I have taught.

It was said by Opra 

Everyday you wake up, you have a second chance to do whatever you want. 

To be whoever you want.      


Till next time 

Love to all

M Lucia

Sunday, April 25, 2021

 Good Morning everyone!

What a gorgeous day yesterday was, it was the first time in over a year I could actually hug my Brother and sister-in-law. We are all vaccinated!!! The four of us Joe, me, my brother Les and Sue took a field trip to Kelly’s Roast Beef at Revere Beach on the north shore. I drove because I know the area well.There were so many people out because of the nice weather walking along the beach. The ocean was so calm you could see forever.....

We all got our meals and sat at an outside table on the beach! Everyone got seafood instead of roast beef . The freshest seafood fish, clams, fries ,onion rings and coleslaw. Ohhhhh it was soooo good!!! First time eating out for all of us in over a year.

We then took a ride to Nahant ( I almost bought a house there years ago) beautiful area. Nahant is the smallest island in Massachusetts... today its a peninsula  connected by the man-made causeway built in the1930’s, running the length of Long Beach.

We then took a ride along the shore to Salem, another of my favorite places also known as Witch City a fun place to go,then off to Devereaux Beach in Marblehead ,Ma. Where I spent a lot of time alone after my husband passed away. Lots of people everywhere. We finally started our trek home on Rt.128 talking and laughing all the way home. What a fun day!

I will never take for granted the hugs of Family or friends..... or going out to a restaurant for lunch or dinner, clam bakes, family reunions, back yard bar-b-ques, Sunday dinners, a drink at our favorite spot, water fires, or just sitting on the deck with either family or friends and having lots of laughs.

If you haven’t bought my new book The Queen of Heart’s it’s available at Barns and Noble.

Have a great rest of the day, I’m going shopping!

Love to all

M. Lucia

Friday, April 23, 2021

 Good Morning!

I am back from my hiatus of writing my blog every other day! I needed that time to write my new manuscript, The Cottage by the Sea and started a third manuscript The Wishing Well .While I was writing I kept thinking about the fascination I have with Wishing Wells and my belief of throwing a coin and a small note in one and your wish will come true. So hence my third book The Wishing Well!

As I sit here pondering my day I am looking out of my office window at the bird feeders I hung for the birds in the winter. They are attached to my lilac tree. The tree is full of new leaves and the lilacs are starting to blossom. Ahhhhh  Spring new life for everyone and everything. 

I am quite happy with all of my Book reviews of The Queen of Heart’s . It is enlightening to see how people are applying what I wrote about in their lives. Especially in these trying times. I still love ❤️ doing all the great things I wrote about. 

I am seeing ❤️’s  everywhere right now, I wonder what the meaning is now that I wrote my book. Life takes us down so many paths I wonder what this will bring. I will meditate on it for answers. Maybe a sequel to The Queen of Heart’s??

I will be doing some fantastic on line classes in the near future! I will keep you posted on that and my book signings!

I am hoping everyone is well and is happy this pandemic is almost conquered. 

Love to all of you. See you in a couple of days.

M Lucia

Friday, February 26, 2021

 Good Friday morning!

TGIF, it’s been a crazy busy week for me , lots of studying, reviewing , re-writing and adding to me next book A Cottage by the Sea. It’s a great story with lots of love.

I went to my Real Estate office on Thursday for a going away party/ Birthday party for our manager.

She was such a great person and will be greatly missed. I gave her a signed copy of my book and she was so happy to get it. She loved knowing I was an author ✍️ and would always ask me how my writing was going.

It was great to see all of my colleagues, we hadn’t  seen each other for almost a year. They were all so happy to see me and asked me if I would sign their books!! I agreed to come in and do a book signing as soon as I got my second COVID  vaccine.

I had my first one and am now waiting for my second one!

I feel so happy, excited and motivated today. I will have to see where the moon is today.I study the cycles of the moon. There are twelve of them every month it coincides with the new moon to the full moon. The moon takes 28 days to orbit the earth. The orbit includes all 12 zodiac signs. This means the moon switches signs every two and a half days.  So if there’s a day your feeling sad ,moody, sensitive, intuitive or nurturing the moon could be in Cancer ♋️, Pisces  ♓️ Scorpio ♏️ All water signs. it’s a time to vent what your feeling when the moons in a water sign. Cancers are very loving and protective of their  loved ones. Pisces are very nurturing and very artistic. Scorpios are hard workers and are said to be the lovers of the zodiac . This is not even the tip of the wonderful things to learn in astrology. I will do some more signs next time. There are four different elements earth, water, air and fire. I am a fire sign Aries ♈️ Leo ♌️ Ascendant and a Taurus  ♉️ moon two  fire signs and an earth sign. The moon is in Leo ♌️ today my ascendant or also know exactly as your rising sign. That’s one of the reasons  I am feeling so good today among other things.

I really love studying astrology.

I got another wonderful review about my book The Queen of Heart’s. They said they could feel all the emotions in the book like they were right there with me. Loved reading it. 

Need to run errands this morning, then two hours of writing which could last foe five hours ,once I start the time just flies by!!!

By for now

M. Lucia

Monday, February 22, 2021

 Good Monday Morning!!!

OMG! I just looked at my February 11th new moon wish list and five yes five things have already happened!!!

I am so excited to say this , I have a friend I told about the wish lists and six things of his have already happened!!

I cannot wait to start  giving my classes, talks and Book signings in July. I have so much to talk about and add to my classes. This time being confined to my home office gave me the time I needed to do some research and put some new ideas together for all of you and my Vision Board students.

I just sent my girlfriend a picture of a horse out of the blue because she loves horses. She sent me a message saying she was looking at one exactly like that this morning! She also asked if this could be a sign?

I told her we get whatever we really want that’s deep in our heart’s  ♥️ and to look deep in his eyes , you will know if he/she is yours. The Universe  always brings us what we want , I am sure this message I sent her was not just a coincidence!

Remember how bad I wanted a little dog I asked the Universe to bring the right one to me and it did!

I’m still working on my Website and Author Central. I have my Author Facebook page ready to go!,

I’ve had people call me this weekend and tell me how much they loved my book The Queen of Heart’s ❤️ 

Warm Regards to all of you

M Lucia

Friday, February 19, 2021

 Goooood Friday morning everyone.

As I sit here writing this blog, I am looking at the hundreds of books I have in my home office/library.

I love each and everyone of them. I am an avid reader and have been one all of my life. When you read you can go anywhere you want! I used to love reading on a park bench in the city I live in, I would also write on that park bench. I have been writing for years and love 💕 it.

In my next book A Cottage By The Sea , I’m reminded how much time I have spent at the Sea shore with my two daughters and all the fun we’ve had over the years. They are precious girls in my life and I am so grateful to have them. 

I have several more books I will be writing and am enjoying it.

My first published book The Queen of Heart’s  ♥️ Is doing fabulous. I am so thankful to all of my readers who are enjoying it. I just started a Facebook page and am working on my Author Central and also my Author Website. I will let you know when the last two are up.

It’s a snowy day today but so pretty out there. Hopefully everyone is staying safe. Here come all the birds outside my window , I put plenty of food out there for them. Today there are lots of Blue birds and little tiny ones that I think are chickadees. 

By the way my little Bijou gained two pounds since our last visit to the vet, he now weighs 6lbs and 6oz. and has had his first mani-pedi!! He will be 3 months old on Saturday Feb , 20th.

More to come


M Lucia

 Good Morning  It’s a beautiful sunny day today and I am taking advantage of it by sitting on my deck and writing my next book. The Cottage ...